Interior Designer VS Interior Decorator

Interior Designer

In carrying out a home renovation project, you have to be prepared to deal with different professionals. You have to communicate with architects, contractors, and sometimes even the tradespeople and asbestos abatement workers. At times, homeowners also hire the services of interior designer and interior decorators.

But are interior designers different from interior decorators? If they are not the same thing, what are their differences?

First, let’s set things straight: interior designing and interior decorating are not the same things. Some people use these two terms interchangeably, which creates confusion for many. In reality, there are major differences between the two. Knowing this difference will help you decide which one you need for your home renovation.

Interior designers have completed in-depth training and education to earn the title of being an ‘interior designer’.

Interior designers do more than just help you determine which colors go well together, and they can offer more than just make a place look more aesthetically pleasing; because of their background and skills, these professionals can also make any space more functional. Interior designers often collaborate with home builders and architects to make the most of your home design.

Interior decorators, on the other hand, focuses more on the aesthetics of the home. They can be a big help in terms of styling, and picking out which home items and decorations will make your home more appealing. They can assist in making the style of your home reflect your personality and character. In terms of training, interior decorators have also completed training, although not as extensive as the interior design education certified interior designers have completed.

Simply put, interior designers can do interior decorating, but interior decorators don’t usually conduct interior designing. And this is not because interior decorators can’t do it, it’s because even if they do know something about interior design, in most countries, the proper license is required to be able to call yourself an interior designer. Therefore, in most countries, without the necessary credentials, an interior decorator shouldn’t carry out any interior designer job.